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Lean Manufacturing

Implement 5S Quickly and Easily


     - Use this step-by-step guide to the 1st Lean building block!


Real Benefits:

By using the time-tested methods found in the "5S Implementation Manual", you can find cost savings at the same time you are training your team and actually implementing your own 5S and Visual Controls system - in your own facility.

The information contained in this book is easy to read and understand, but it is not abbreviated and simplistic. It is thorough, with everything you need to know to launch a great 5S program.


The 5S processes of stabilizing and organizing are the initial basic steps required for a successful Lean Manufacturing Implementation.


5S and Lean works effectively in every type of company, and industry, not just manufacturing. In just a few hours YOU can successfully install a 5S program in:

  • Production areas

  • Service companies

  • Distribution, Warehousing and Logistics

  • Office / administrative areas

  • Information and data flow systems


Hands-on experience revealed:

In the 5S Implementation Manual we use our years of hands-on implementation experience to teach you exactly what 5S is, how it works and how you implement it quickly and effectively. Plus, shop floor operators and supervisors find the book easy to use.


Just as importantly, we explain how to sustain 5S as a company strategy and as an on-going way to improve quality, yield and performance.


You will learn exactly how to eliminate costly wastes in production, office areas and information systems while building a foundation of 5S organization and discipline.

By following this book during 5S implementation, your cross-functional 5S Team will be able to understand and install the following 5S disciplines:

     1.) Sort         
     2.) Straighten                    
     3.) Shine             
     4.) Standardize 
     5.) Sustain  



Our 5S Implementation Manual has been in the top 5 of Lean Manufacturing 5S books sold on Amazon since it was first published.


Now we are also making it available in eBook format so that you can instantly download it and begin using it without delay and/or shipping and handling charges.



New Offer:

Purchase and immediately download the 5S Implementation Manual eBook for only $17.99 and start your own Lean / 5S Program today.



And if that's not enough...

We're so sure that you will be completely satisfied with the 5S Implementation Manual that we're offering an Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply let us know within eight weeks and we'll refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked! You've got absolutely nothing to lose and a lot to gain.



Get the information you need to achieve a successful 5S / Lean Manufacturing Implementation today.


Get the 5S Implementation Manual eBook NOW! Only $17.99


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5S Implementation Manual - Starting Lean Manufacturing 




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