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Lean Manufacturing Specialties
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Lean Manufacturing

                  use lean manufacturing / lean sigma

                         to align your supply chain


Anitech Consultants have been  trained  in  Lean Manufacturing

at  Toyota  in  Japan.  We    have   subsequently   implemented

lean  systems  in  scores  of  facilities  around  the  country  and

around  the  world in  virtually every  industry for  over 15 years.


We specialize in stabilizing  manufacturing facilities by process

improvement,  cross-training  your  staff in  lean manufacturing,

aligning vendors,  customers and  supply chains with  advanced 

lean enterprise techniques.  Starting with an on-site assessment

of  current conditions, along  with  your team,  we carefully plan,

design,  initiate  a  custom tailored  lean deployment  beginning

with  lean stabilizing techniques.  We  value stream map  target

areas then deploy  first tier  Lean Manufacturing principles such

as  5S,  point of use inventory controls,  then moving on to other

more advanced Lean Manufacturing tools/techniques, achieving

your desired time, cost, inventory reduction impacts.


 Lean Manufacturing Transformation

                             1st Step:

                               Assess your Current Situation



                                       Click here to obtain your own

                                       complete, 10 module, Lean

                                       Manufacturing Self-Assessment

                                       Package to self-evaluate your site 





                       email us at: info@anitech.net




               Enhance your Lean Manufacturing  knowledge
                         Check out our "Lean Reading List"




                          Value Stream Mapping


                          Value Stream Mapping for Lean Manufacturing

                              Value Stream Mapping of:

                   Shop, process & material flows,

                     Business Systems, Information
                           & Supply Chain flows






   eLean B2B Software for Lean Manufacturing

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5S Implementation Manual - Starting Lean Manufacturing

5S Implementation Manual

7th Edition

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plus shipping



Learn to apply each 5S tool:







Understand company-wide benefits of 5S


See the challenges of implementation


Learn to integrate / sustain 5S into the company culture


5S Guidelines


Case Studies


Team Projects


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