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Lean Manufacturing

Implementing 5S as a first step in your lean manufacturing deployment?:


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The "5S Implementation Manual"


5S Implementation Manual - Starting Lean Manufacturing




5S Lean Manufacturing FREE 5S Assessment Tool




Lean Manufacturing Transformation

Take a step toward Lean: Assess your Current Situation


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Lean Manufacturing Assessment Tools



Anitech should be your Lean Manufacturing Consulting Company. Our firm specializes in lean manufacturing deployments, lean manufacturing training and the strategic planning of lean manufacturing events and systems in virtually every kind of business.


Our President and CEO was trained in Japan at Toyota in all aspects of lean manufacturing, just in time deployment and 5S implementation. In North America members of our team were further trained in the specific details of successful lean manufacturing implementation by Shingijutsu expert Lean Manufacturing Senseis.


Throughout the last decade we have subsequently implemented scores of lean manufacturing deployments around the country and around the world in virtually every industry. Anitech lean manufacturing consultants specialize in quickly assessing and stabilizing a facility or entire business through various lean manufacturing techniques such as process improvement, cross-training your workforce in lean manufacturing skills, aligning vendors, customers and your entire supply chain with advanced, lean manufacturing techniques.


We have multiple lean manufacturing curriculum and training programs that can quickly bring your staff up to speed to become aware of lean manufacturing opportunities and systematically roll-out lean manufacturing principles and meaningful lean manufacturing projects with fast paybacks and demonstrable improvements in key performance indicators.


Our lean manufacturing training, consulting and mentoring work is absolutely guaranteed, with the best lean manufacturing guarantee in the industry. You will have a lean manufacturing, stabilizing 5S system in place within 10 working days, or we’ll pay for it, no questions asked.


Starting with a lean manufacturing assessment of your current conditions, along with your designated lean manufacturing deployment team, we carefully plan, design and initiate a custom tailored lean manufacturing deployment that is aimed at your specific goals.


With your key personnel, we use the lean manufacturing technique of value stream mapping to identify and target areas for lean manufacturing events and systematic deployments. We may develop lean manufacturing solutions such as 5S, point of use inventory controls, or move on to other more advanced lean manufacturing techniques such as kanban pull systems.


Our goals are to always and quickly achieve the lean manufacturing results you are aiming for while working ourselves out of a job by transferring our lean manufacturing knowledge to your company and lean manufacturing team members.


Typical lean manufacturing results can include significant reductions in through put time, work in process and finished goods inventories, floor space required, work steps, quality problems and customer complaints.


Over 35% of the highest performing companies in the world cite their journey toward lean manufacturing as an effective and strategically important tool that enabled an immediate cost-containment technique that yielded many times the relatively small cost of their lean manufacturing deployment efforts.


Drop us an email today and we’ll pleasantly surprise you with some estimates of the cost and time to effectively and permanently deploy lean manufacturing in your department, plant, or entire company.


email us at: info@anitech.net




Lean Manufacturing - 5S Implementation GUARANTEED



Are your operations located outside the U.S. or Canada?

We train, consult and implement in lean manufacturing internationally in a number of different languages.





Email us with your questions about our lean manufacturing programs, at:

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